Grün Travel Atomizer


(Holds .17oz / 5ml )

Designed to fit in any bag or case during travels, Oswald's Pocket Leather Travel Atomizers are gold plated metal with etched O crest on the top of the lid, wrapped with signature logo embossed green leather. This 8 X 2.2cm on the go accessory can be filled with any fragrance.

  • What it is: A convenient way to store your favorite fragrance as you travel around the world or just a short trip out.
  • What it does: The shatterproof atomizer is wrapped in logo embossed leather and etched with the brand's signature O crest.
  • How to use: To fill your pocket atomizer, open the lid and unscrew the metal top, ensure that you have removed the glass bottle from the leather wrap to avoid any contact between the leather and the fragrance. 


Product information

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