Nasomatto established in 2007 by Alessandro Gualtieri, also known as The Nose, as a desperate outburst after many restrictions in his previous professional activities. Within all his projects, Alessandro had to follow specific instructions and trend forecasts dictating, “What is ‘in’ this season and what is not”. He felt that his creative freedom was restricted.

During these years of work, he earned the name “Crazy Nose” because his creations were always daring.He was approaching the field in his own, and resourcing odd combinations of ingredients. To break with his past and to be able to express himself fully, Alessandro felt the urge to become independent and launch his brand. The name ‘Nasomatto’ translates from Italian as ‘crazy nose’.

Alessandro Gualtieri has a visceral relationship with materials, everything is decisive – every ingredient, how it has been used, the way it develops after being combined with others, the bottle, the cap, and the packaging. The packaging and bottle caps are a meaningful part of and complete the whole scent concept. The materials and colors reflect the ideas or the ingredients used to create a fragrance. The caps embody the physical notion behind the olfactory image.

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