Les Élixirs

Les Élixirs

Les Élixirs is an experimental olfactive design and development concept based in New York City. The primary interest is to explore the world of aromatic molecules and to develop ultra olfactive formulations, starting with fragrances. 

Collection #1, released Spring 2021

  • OUD - dark and captivating aroma reminiscent of a warm simmering fire

  • AQUA - extreme take on fresh aromatics

  • ELLE - delectable harmony of figs, citruses and woods

  • FLIRT - tropical and floral paradise

Developed in collaboration with master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. All formulations are extraits. Natural essences and aroma molecules are used, often in place of animal derived products. We do not test on animals. 

The Elixirs concept is not about taking perfumery back to its artisanal beginnings, it is about advancing the olfactive arts into the future. Collection # 2, Spring/Summer 2022

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