Japanese leading skincare brand Menard introduced a new anti-aging skincare line – EMBELLIR specially curated for all who want to keep themselves beautiful and youthful. In French, the world Embellir means “make some or something more attractive”.

The team behind EMBELLIR focused their attention on the process by which beautiful skin is created, creating new formulas with revolutionary ingredients, developed entirely in-house, with the main ingredient – Red and Black Reishi mushrooms.

Upon studying Reishi and its amazing effect on skin beauty, the Menard team have been cultivating extracting and evaluating Reishi and discover a variety of uses. It is found that Red Reishi facilitates the production of cell’s energy, thus activating cell division. It also repair the genes damages by UV rays and free radicals. As for the Black Reishi, it prevents the shortening of “telomere” (barometer of gene aging) and thus prevents the aging of cells. It also clarifies cells by decomposing waste products in your body.

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