Boka Fragrances

Boka Fragrances

Scent as nature intended. Blended and bottled in the USA.
Perfume is often cited as the most intense form of memory. It conjures images and events, a cinematic experience all of your own making.

The Serbian heritage of our founder and perfumer, Boris Zrnic, defines Boka’s entire lexicon. “Boka” is the affectionate childhood nickname used by his family, and immediately became the working title of our scent collection. Boris spent much of his childhood in nature—the other primary pillar of the brand. The world’s natural wonders seep heavily into our scents, as nearly every fragrance note derives from an element found in nature. We hope these scents spark your sense of nostalgia in nature.
Small batch fragrances handcrafted in the U.S. from the finest of oils and essences found anywhere. Our debut scent is Zelen, a verdant vetiver that feels transgressively pure and timeless. Each engraved bottle is capped with a unique piece of marble—hand-chiseled in Mexico, reflecting the individuality and elegance of each scent.

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