Rich Mess

Rich Mess

Winner of the "2019 Art and Olfaction Awards"
RICH MESS is an edgy, disruptive, luxury brand based in New York City and was founded by Ryan Richmand in 2018. Imagine euphoric nights that drift into psychedelic days alongside new friends with forgotten names. RICH MESS comes on strong. Never say sorry. Never say sorry. Never say no. Never back down. RICH MESS is designed for the chic misfits of society that bask in the gritty, grimy beauty of reality. See through the facade of perfection and revel in the extravagance underneath. 

The RICH MESS Scent, a creation of master perfumer Christophe Laudamil, is the winner of the "2019 Art And Olfaction Creation Award" for best independent fragrance. Decadent, unapologetic and always seeking more, RICH MESS is for those who beg of life: Mess me up. 

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