Rose Desgranges

Rose Desgranges

Rose Desgranges, descended from the Champagne bourgeoisie, arrives in Paris in 1940 with her mother, Henriette Rose Desgranges.

Laura-Rose has been in the world of show business since she was a child, together with her composer father and art director mother. Her passion for singing, acting and writing was immediately obvious. After two years’ voice coaching from Richard Cross, one year at the Actor’s laboratory run by Hélène Zidi-Cheruy and dancing lessons at the Harmonic studio, she lands the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the musical comedy “Gone with the Wind” at the Palais des Sports in Paris. Two years of success! She furthers her career as an actress by taking classes at the Eva Saint Paul school of dramatic arts and Cours Florent in Paris. She goes on to act in several plays, including “The postman always rings twice” and most recently “The 39 steps” directed by and starring Eric Métayer, which won the Molière for the best comedy. Laura-Rose is currently finishing the script for a full-length movie and completing an album.

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