Initio Fragrances

Initio Fragrances

INITIO transgresses all the rules of classical perfumery to reconnect with the original power of perfumes, once reserved for the gods in their heaven and the mighty of this world. Seizing the power of fragrance, INITIO's collection of fragrances aims to change your destiny!
Within INITIO there are four collections:
  • The Black Gold Project, Sacred geometry is based on powerful symbols reflecting fundamental shapes found in nature, cellular structures and the universe. Based on those principles, the tree of life symbolizes the connection between earth and heaven - the connection between men and god. The same power lies in the Oud that is renowned for its countless blessings. (Oud For Greatness & Oud For Happiness).

  • The Hedonist, What on earth is the source of the feverish pleasure fragrance brings? The answer: sublime natural ingredients, a perfect harmony, the purest equation in perfumery and the highest quality formula (Paragon, Musk Therapy, & Rehab).

  • The Carnal Blends, fragrances built around a hedonic substance that stimulates the pleasure zones of the brain (Atomic Rose, High Frequency, Side Effect, & Psychedelic Love)

  • The Absolutes, which call upon a selection of mystical, narcotic substances (Absolute Aphrodisiac, Blessed Baraka, Addictive Vibration, & Mystic Experience).

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