Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi

First was the idea of freshness. Captured by the idea that freshness is something that is still alive, something that is there and that is real, Alessandro decided to develop the new scent collection.

Second inspiration are from his childhood memories and experience, particularly the summers spent at his grandparents’ garden. His grandfather, Vincenzo Parisi, had a special relationship with the soil – he used to collect his needs in the buckets and fertilize the soil of the garden with them. The smell of an infinite was constantly present in this garden. A smell of freshness and stench, attraction and repulsion. Driven by these thoughts and memories, Alessandro began his research and found that common bodily smells is unpleasant to the mass.

The third idea behind the concept of Orto Parisi is the fact that Alessandro wanted to uncap the real smell of life by re-creating the references to the natural body odors in the Orto Parisi perfumes. Orto Parisi is something very personal to Alessandro Gualtieri, the fragrances in this collection are different and not linked to each other. Each scent is a personal interpretation of the smell of life or an embodiment of one of Alessandro’s personal experiences

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