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Edwin Jagger

Premium Traditonal Cone Razor Stand


Edwin Jagger make some of the world's finest wet shaving products in Sheffield, a city renowned for its rich industrial industry. The Edwin Jagger Traditional Cone Razor Stand is a simple, classic shaving accessory, designed to neatly store an Edwin Jagger Gillette® Mach3® or Gillette® Fusion® in between shaves.

Razor stands are a convenient and neat way to store and showcase your razor, offering an extra level of protection. Leaving a razor lying around the bathroom may put it at risk of falling and being damaged. A good quality razor stand can eliminate that risk.

The product is made of brass and triple chrome plated, giving it a simple and classic appearance that will suit any bathroom no matter what the interior style may be. Due to the quality of materials used, the stand is fairly heavy and should be handled with care.

The stand holds the razor upside down in a sleek and streamlined manner, allowing any remaining moisture to drip off the razor after it is sufficiently dried and hung on the stand.

  • Edwin Jagger Traditional Cone Razor Stand
  • Made in Sheffield
  • Convenient and neat way to store/showcase razor
  • Made of brass and triple chrome plated
  • Simple and classic appearance
  • Heavy, should be handled with care
  • Will fit any Gillette® Mach3® or Gillette® Fusion® razor
  • Particularly suited to Edwin Jagger Bulbous style razors
  • Measures approximately 4cm/1.5 inches 
  • Height of approximately 3cm/1.5 inches
Title: Chrome
Title: Chrome

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