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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips.... Summer is officially here and we have some tips for skin inside and out.

The days are getting longer, and the birds are singing. Every year we look forward to the beginning of summer. From an astronomical point of view, this is the time when the sun shines perpendicular to the earth's axis and at the same time the transformation of nature begins: the trees extend their solar panels, it blooms in all streets and gardens and the flowers are on display, each more beautiful than the other.

As the season changes, so does our organism, especially the skin, as it adapts to environmental conditions. The humidity and temperature are different, UV radiation is increasing, and we are spending more time outdoors again. The dry heating air in winter and the icy winds have taken their toll on our facial skin, the skin suffers from a lack of moisture and is not in balance. However, very rich care can be delicate in summer, as active sebum production can promote blackheads and pimples and other blemishes. A rich care can close the skin too tightly, so that perspiration is hindered and an unpleasant skin feeling arises when you sweat.

Its summer, therefore, we recommended to use lighter creams that are less oily and contain more water and moisturizing ingredients such as ADIPEAU ACTIVE FACE CREAM In addition, regular peeling is recommended to remove old skin residues, we recommend MBR CONTINUELINE ENZYME SPECIALIST. Depending on the skin type or skincare needs, a mechanical or enzyme-based care product is chosen such as VALMONT FACE EXFOLIANT. After the skin cells have been removed, the skin can be refreshed and moisturized with a tonic before applying a serum or light care, we love MENARD EMBELLIR LIQUID. Especially when the skin is renewed, it is advisable to wash your face daily to cleanse the skin and get rid of old skin, try AUGUSTINUS BADER THE CREAM CLEANSING GEL for gentle daily cleansing.

But just as important as the use of suitable cosmetics is nutrition and drinking culture. Regular tea drinking is very suitable, as it provides moisture from the inside and provides the skin with important antioxidants that fight free radicals, reduce cell stress and slow down the aging process, as they have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus improve the inner workings of the cell. When it comes to nutrition, care should be taken to ensure that as little insulin as possible is released. This means avoiding sugar and white flour and eating little animal protein. If you are looking for an extra complexion, you should eat a lot of carrots and peppers. These vegetables contain a lot of carotenes, which give the skin a gentle orange tinge. Among the spices, turmeric and ginger are recommended. Ginger promotes blood circulation in the skin, while turmeric provides cleaner skin.


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