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Summer Scent Destinations

If you’re anything like us, you spend every summer daydreaming about traveling, yet stay put in your air-conditioned office and home! Thankfully, we have ways of transporting ourselves to different...

If you’re anything like us, you spend every summer daydreaming about traveling, yet stay put in your air-conditioned office and home! Thankfully, we have ways of transporting ourselves to different locales: watching a travel documentary on Netflix; going to restaurants focusing on international cuisines; wearing a fragrance inspired by the places you obsessively Google. Here’s a list of some of our favorite summer fragrances, inspired by all the places we have on our “to visit” list!


Soleil d'Italie fragrance by Mancera

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Italy – sightseeing in Rome, lounging on a yacht in the Amalfi coast, cooking classes in Sicily – Mancera Perfumes has you covered. Mancera might be the King of Summer Scents: the ultra-realistic juiciness of Sicily makes it one of our most coveted bottles. Their latest fragrance, Soleil d’Italie, is redolent of a summer romance. Its herbaceous, slightly bitter feel is a nod to classic Italian eaux de colognes, while the ambergris and cedar base carries the lifespan of the fragrance into modernity. We can’t recommend this one enough right now!


The entirety of the Memo Paris catalogue is a love letter to the power of travel, and the importance of fragrance in cementing the memories one makes while abroad. Their latest fragrance, Winter Palace, is inspired by the Great Wall of China. If walking along this monument to history is on your bucket list, this fragrance can help take you there without the long flight! The fragrance is a warm, benzoin-dipped cup of red tea, wisps of grapefruit and mate bringing lift and light to what would normally not be considered a summer-appropriate scent.


Visiting Morocco would be a dream come true: the cuisine, the architecture, the beaches, the souks! While a flight to Casablanca or Essaouria isn’t in the plans yet, we thankfully have the incredible collection from Sana Jardin to help us pretend otherwise. This sustainable, socially-conscious fragrance line sources its materials from a female-only collective of flower harvesters; the result is a collection of fragrances that are so realistic you can’t be certain you actually didn’t just step into a field of blooms. Our pick for the summer is the bright, tender spray of orange blossoms bottled into Berber Blonde. (Pro-tip: we’re especially fond of layering Berber Blonde atop Escentric Molecules Molecule 03 or Molecule 04.)


If you’re a beach lover, traveling to one of the many beautiful islands in the Caribbean is probably something you’ve been wanting to do. The bluest water imaginable, warm sand, and excellent cuisine – what more could you ask for? Well, a free trip and hotel stay, we suppose! Thankfully we have the tropical fruit cocktail of Phaedon Antigua to give us a taste of island living. Guava and papaya make for an unique take on the citrus notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon usually found in summer perfumes, and the oakmoss and vetiver base give the fruit mélange something to hang onto. Lean back in your desk chair, close your eyes, and you can almost taste the cocktail!


The recent heatwave aside, who wouldn’t want to have a romantic summer vacation in France? We also can’t name a single fragrance lover who wouldn’t drop what they’re doing to visit the boutiques of Paris! Personally, we’d prefer a tour of the incredible grounds of Versailles. With that in mind, we’re forever grateful to Parfums de Marly for bringing Versailles to us. Our picks for the summer are twofold: the masculine, soapy crispness of Galloway, and the clean, uplifting sweetness of Meliora. Both fragrances are perfect for beating the heat while staying impossibly chic – how French is that?


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