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New Year Resolution Picks

Can you believe that we are already halfway through January?! We sure can’t. If you’re like us, you’re probably looking at the list of 2019 resolutions that you made, wondering...

Can you believe that we are already halfway through January?! We sure can’t. If you’re like us, you’re probably looking at the list of 2019 resolutions that you made, wondering why you haven’t started on any of them yet. Luckily for you, we are here to help! Check out our Osswald Guide to Fulfilling Your New Year’s Resolutions below.


Most of us don’t get enough green, leafy vegetables in our diet. Unfortunately, until someone figures out how to make French fries and cupcakes truly healthy, we’re going to be eating more kale this year. Don’t forget that greens are important for your skin, too! A fun way to try something ‘green’ for your skin is to pick up a bottle of MILEO NEW YORK Elixir Oud Labyrinth Vert. This green facial oil uses all-natural ingredients (like French violet leaf) to refine the appearance of the skin. Enjoy a smaller pore texture and less oiliness while making some sautéed spinach or crafting the perfect salad!


If you decided that 2019 was the year you would try to eat organic, why not extend that mission into your skincare? If the maxim “you are what you eat” is true, using organic skincare could only compliment your new nutrition plan! Osswald NYC is proud to carry JK7, the world’s most luxurious organic skincare brand. All of the maximally potent products are hand-crafted in Hawaii, small batch, using recycled packaging.


Humans are living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and all research points to us needing to get up and move around more, on a daily basis. Whether you decide to take up a new fitness routine, or walk more during the day, or even buy a standing desk for work, don’t forget that your skincare routine could also stand to use a ‘fitness’ upgrade! Try the new Valmont V-Line Lifting Concentrate, from the revamped AWF Collection. This twice-daily serum packs a potent punch, from Valmont’s proprietary active AWF5 complex to hyaluronic acid, working to keep your skin firm and smooth.


If 2019 has given you the travel bug, you’re not alone! With airfare all over the US and to Europe being at new lows, it has probably never been cheaper for us to plan a dream vacation. Of course, it’s not always possible for us to take a trip, but luckily we have fragrance to act as a medium of mental and emotional transportation. We recommend checking out the fragrances from MEMO Paris, a line dedicated to recreating the olfactive memories of various world locales. Considering how cold it is in New York right now, we’re currently especially fond of the tropical vibes of Tamarindo.


On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay home! Staycations have their own list of benefits, such as allowing you to save money; and really, is there anything better than curling up with a warm blanket, warm drink, and a good book (or the latest Netflix movie)? For your next staycation, we recommend picking out a warm fragrance to compliment your heightened level of coziness. Some of our current favorites are: INITIO Absolute Aphrodisiac, Thameen London Amber Room, Montale Blue Amber, and Amoroud Miel Sauvage.


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