Cristal et Bronze

Large Q-Tip Jar Carved Crystal and gold


(H 3.5Inch, W 4.0Inch)

This exceptional hand made artistic object, combines brass covered with fine silver and crystal. Each piece is assembled in the manufacture of Chateau Landon in France, since 1937. 

Crystal contains a minimum of 20% of lead, allowing an exceptional clarity compared to glass. Crystal is more fragile compared to glass but also more malleable allowing exceptional shapes. Once the crystal has cooled down it is cut and polished by master craftsmen.

Silver is applied on Bronze using an electrolysis technique, it’s a long and painstaking task. The electrolysis technique consists in plunging the piece of bronze in a bath of chemical containing silver particles. A direct electric current is then applied between the liquid solution and the piece of metal. Slowly, one by one, each particle of silver is electrically “glued” to the Bronze.

Luxury for the bathroom.

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