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Summer Skin Saviors

Now that we've shifted seasons in NYC, the warmer and wetter temperatures have our faces freaking out! Yes, April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring allergies and irritants,...

Now that we've shifted seasons in NYC, the warmer and wetter temperatures have our faces freaking out! Yes, April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring allergies and irritants, resulting in red, dry, patchy, broken-out skin. Working in such a store as Osswald means that we must look fresh and flawless every day. Luckily, we have access to some of the best skincare lines in the world to help us out! So, if you're like us and in need of a change to your skincare routine, keep on reading and learn about our favorites from each line.

Daniel: "I love the Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 because it's one of the few eye creams I've found with SPF, which is essential to protect the delicate skin from photo-damage - and it's intensely hydrating without irritating the eyes."
Josie: "I'm pretty darn loyal to the Cellular 3-Minute Peel. I'm a mask junkie, as well as a loyal user of AHA/BHA products, and I love that this little jar gives me the look and effect of an hour-long facial in less time than it takes for me to make a French Press of coffee in the morning.

Daniel: "I've emptied more tubes of La Colline's NativAge Serum than I'd like to admit. It plumps up all of my fine lines! Also, if I can cheat and name something else, then I have to mention the Men's Cellular Revitalizing Care - a lightweight moisturizer formulated for men's needs. It firms and evens out the skin, and helps with shaving irritation, and makes me look like the flawless being I am."
Josie: "Daniel's quite modest, but I have to say, his skin does look incredible after he switched over to those La Colline products! And I'm as predictable as always: I'm going to name another mask, the Cellular Dynamic Hydration Mask. It has an instant calming effect, and gives my skin the glow I lost as soon as I passed the infancy stage. Sometimes at night when I'm lazy, I use it as a dual mask/moisturizer!"

Daniel: "I wanted to name Valmont's Prime Renewing Pack, but it's the undisputed store favorite and we always mention it. So, I'll name an unsung hero of the line: Priority Cream. I'm a fan of tropical vacations, and this cream was formulated for skin exposed to sun and heat - it helps minimize redness and inflammation, as well helps to even out skintone. And it has built-in SPF! A perfect cream for anyone going away, or anyone with super-sensitive and reactive skin."
Josie: "I'm actually going to mention a moisturizer! Not a mask! I swear by Prime Regenera II, a cream that was originally designed as a post-treatment cream. As a fan of peels, lasers, and all things resurfacing, I need a thick cream that restores my face's natural lipid barrier. And since I'm naturally drier than the Sahara, I need moisture in insane ways. This cream makes me look as if I've never seen an acid or Fraxel laser in my life!"


Daniel: "If Josie is the Mask Queen, I'm the Serum King. Serums are the best place to put your skincare dollars, so finding one that works for your specific needs is crucial. I am forever recommending Bellefontaine's the Serenity De-Sensitizing Serum to anyone who tends to react to other skincare items. This will allow you to use those creams or other serums that made you a bit red and inflamed! It immediately calms and soothes skin."
Josie: "Silky Dew-Moisture Supplement. Just say it: 'Silky Dew'. Who doesn't want silky, dewy skin? It just sounds so pleasing. This is something to use when your skin just needs a little more OOMPH, a little more glow, a little more plumping, a little more fortification. I love it especially as a makeup primer!"

Daniel: "The JK7 Foaming Face Wash - Patchouli & Ylang Ylang is my favorite face wash ever. It smells great, it's purifying, and it gives my skin a radiant, even glow even before I use a serum or moisturizer. I'm loyal to it for sure."
Josie: "Daniel keeps a bottle of the JK7 face wash in the store bathroom for midday face washings, everyone. I just needed to share that. As for me, I love the Sandalwood Beauty Moisturizing Mist-Freshener. It smells so good that I even spray my sheets with it. My boyfriend even uses it as a toner before moisturizing (and also sprays his clothes with it)!"


Daniel: "If you've made it to the end of this article, you've probably realized that even and radiant skin is my priority when it comes to skincare. No shock then that my favorite Derm Institute item is their Cellular Brightening Spot Treatment. It does wonders in two weeks, and doesn't have hydroquinone, which can damage skin."
Josie: "And obviously, I'm choosing yet another mask as my final pick: the Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque, the skin savior in a pack. It's the most travel-friendly mask I know (and I say this as the weirdo who walks around planes in a sheet mask), because it won't get confiscated by the TSA, and your seatmates won't be creeped out by the weird mask on your face - this is a clear gel that doesn't need to be rinsed off. It plumps and hydrates, making you look as if you just slept ten hours." 


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