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No-Fail Fragrance & Skincare Holiday Shopping Guide

Fragrance and skincare gifting is something that people often avoid during the holiday season. From those impersonal department store boxed fragrance sets to not wanting to insult someone with an...

Fragrance and skincare gifting is something that people often avoid during the holiday season. From those impersonal department store boxed fragrance sets to not wanting to insult someone with an inappropriate gift, there are many reasons that people will avoid giving gifts of beauty for Christmas. However, it does not have to be so! There is no gift more luxurious than fine fragrance and skincare. Here are some easy to remember tips and shortcuts for finding the perfect giftable item!

Profumum Roma’s Meringa for Osswald: an exclusive creation, dessert in a bottle.



This is the time to step out of the department store and into a specialty store like Osswald Parfumerie. You are going to want trained, knowledgeable associates who can help you translate what you are looking for into the perfect gift. Always remember to be as descriptive as possible when speaking to your associate. Not sure what descriptive means in this area? Read below for some suggestions:


If you are able, take a peek into the bathroom cabinet of the person you’re shopping for (since we all have smartphones, take a quick picture!). Show this picture to your associate, who will easily recognize the items and be able to recommend, for example, the perfect serum to match a skin cream already present in her routine, or a scented body cream to match her favorite perfume. If you decide that you would rather purchase a brand-new item versus buying a complimentary product to something already owned, a photo or description of what is already in her routine will help the associate guide you through items likely to be a hit!


Fragrance and memory are linked in the brain - certain smells will trigger flashbacks of a cherished moment. Tell your associate, in as much detail as possible, about a special memory you have with your loved one. There are scents that evoke a trip to a beach, holidays abroad, nights spent at home by a fireplace. Choose a fragrance that will remind them of these special moments with you!


When it comes to skincare, if you do not know what your loved one uses currently, do not worry! Pick specialty treatments that can be more generalized for multiple skin types over moisturizers or serums, which need to be targeted towards a specific skin type (and can often convey the wrong idea - not everyone wants to receive something that says ‘anti-aging’ on the box!). All skins can benefit from masks or oils - for example, create a ‘home spa’ box with a mask, bath and shower gel, and a rich body cream

JK7 Detox Face Mask: 100% natural and organic mud mask, which replenishes and heals all skin types.



Bath and body care items are often ‘safer’ fragrance items to buy for someone, as the scent of the products do not linger for more than a few minutes. Candles and other home fragrances are also ‘safe’ fragrance gifts, as the scent lingers in the air rather than on the skin. Typically, people are more open to fragrance when it is for the home versus when it is for the skin (someone who may love heavier home fragrances may not like them for their skin, for example). 


If you are still hesitant to pick out a fragrance for your loved one but are determined to do so, pick a fragrance that is easily layerable with another scent. This means a fragrance that is either light in nature or is composed of solitary notes (for example, a fragrance that is just vanilla, or musk). A layerable fragrance will add a new dimension to their current favorite perfume without replacing it! 

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules - Pure ISO-E-Super creates an irresistible effect on the skin for others to enjoy.



Do not forget that you can always ask your associate for a small sample of the fragrance or skincare item you are choosing as a gift; this allows for an easy exchange of the item should, for example, your loved one be allergic to it. A small note of “Here is a small sample to try before opening the box!” will also help alleviate guilt should he or she not like the item. 


If you end up finding a few fragrances your loved one might enjoy, and cannot decide, ask your associate to make a few samples of the scents and give the vials along with a gift card to the store! This creates a gift of exploration that is more personalized than similar sets to be found in a department store.

Thameen, Carved Oud Hair Fragrance: an alcohol-free, nurturing hair perfume that gives hair a warm, woody scent..


Ormonde Jayne, Ta'if - a woody, fresh rose that can be worn by anyone, any time of year..


This article is a collaborative effort between the staff of Osswald Parfumerie in Zurich, and Osswald Parfumerie in New York City, Swiss parfumeries dedicated to niche, rare, and luxurious fragrances, skincare, and makeup from all over the world”


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