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Behind Our Most Popular Website Searches

Did you know that on our website, you can search for fragrances by note or fragrance "categories"? By either typing in our Search Bar, or clicking on the BY NOTE...

Did you know that on our website, you can search for fragrances by note or fragrance "categories"? By either typing in our Search Bar, or clicking on the BY NOTE tab in the FRAGRANCES section of the navbar, you can browse fragrances that have exactly what you want in them!

On our end of the website, we get to see which notes or fragrance families our clients are searching for the most, and it's always fascinating. With that in mind, we thought it'd be helpful to list the top categories that have been searched for most frequently this year and name one fragrance that's either the #1 seller or our personal favorite from each category. Read on to see the countdown; we hope you're inspired to check out something new!
#11 - Vetiver: vetiver fragrance Luckily, our favorite at Osswald NYC is also our best-selling! Of course, it's Memo Paris Moon Fever - and honestly, everyone in the store has been wearing it non-stop lately! It's the quintessential vetiver, grassy and timeless.
#10 - ChypreChypre fragrances are Josie's personal favorite, and she's happy to report that the truly sumptuous, grand Chypre Palatin from Parfums MDCI is currently flying off the shelves.
#9 - CitrusCitrus fragrances are some of Daniel's favorites to wear (and boy, does he really spray himself silly with them!), and Parfums de Marly Galloway - sharply juicy and cool- has been his favorite since he started at Osswald NYC.
#8 - AmberWhile we have an assortment of amber-based fragrances to choose from, the two of us can agree that Montale Blue Amber is a perfect starter amber for anyone looking to explore this genre of scent. It's a touch powdery, lightly sweet, and utterly addictive.
#7 - FruityFruity scents don't have to just be citrus scents, in case you were thinking this might be redundant. There's a whole range of fruits represented in the selection at Osswald NYC, ranging from guava to yuzu! Our best-selling "fruity" scent mixes sweet vanilla with an overflowing handful of red berries: Profumum Roma Acqua e Zucchero.
#6 - GourmandWho doesn't want to smell delicious? Our "foody" fragrances run the gamut from being vaguely dessert-y to smelling full-on edible. Currently, Moresque Tamima is seeing a spike in popularity: it's the perfect gourmand for spring, a delicious bitter orange cream with sprigs of mint to give it some lift.
#5 - LeatherLeather runs the gamut from "perfect suede shoes" to "worn and torn saddle", with every permutation in-between! Our best-selling leather scent, though, screams "edgy seduction" - By Coolife Le Premier Parfum, designed to be an aphrodisiac.
#4 - JasmineJasmine might be everyone's favorite floral, and it's not surprising! Jasmine is wonderfully versatile, giving depth and lift to every fragrance it graces. Our most popular jasmine scent, though, is one that focuses entirely on the flower - Chabaud Etoile de Lune, a romantic but not overly-heady fragrance.
#3 - WoodyIt's hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy a warm, woody fragrance...and there are so many to choose from, and so many variations of the genre! Our best-selling woody scent is actually one that focuses on multiple 'wood' notes and accords, resulting in one hyper-masculine, dry wonder - Huitieme Art Monsieur.
#2 - OudIt's no surprise that oud would follow "woody" fragrances in our search results, as oud itself is uber-woody in terms of its scent! From the dry to the dirty, oud comes in many forms; so much so that it's easy to find an oud for everyone, even the oud-phobic. Our #1 oud scent comes from Roja Dove, his magnificent Amber Aoud Parfum; this oud is rich, balsamic, rose-y, and warm. Truly a scent fit for royalty!
#1 - VanillaDaniel and Josie were in no way shocked to see that vanilla scents are our #1 most searched-for on the Osswald NYC website; we can't go a single day without at least a dozen people calling or coming in looking for their perfect vanilla fragrance. Vanilla is so versatile that even the most sweet-phobic scentheads (meaning Josie!) have at least one vanilla-dominant scent that they love. We could devote a single blog post to the various vanilla scents we stock and love - and probably should! - but we'll end this countdown with the Vanilla to End All Vanillas, and the one fragrance any vanilla lover should own: Indult Tihota, a rich buttercream.


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