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5 Summer Skincare Hacks

We're officially a week into August - where has summer gone?! Although you may feel as if the season is rushing by too quickly for your liking (we'd be happy...

We're officially a week into August - where has summer gone?! Although you may feel as if the season is rushing by too quickly for your liking (we'd be happy with about another hundred beach days, thank you!), we're sure that your skin is probably saying something different. All of the sun, surf, delicious BBQ, and air conditioning takes a toll on our faces, whether we want to admit it or not. Thankfully, we here at Osswald NYC know a thing or two about skincare! Keep on reading to find the perfect "hack" to solve your summertime skin woes.

1. For when you've enjoyed way too many long days at the beach, and now you're sunburned: Valmont Prime Regenera II 

Valmont Prime Regenera II Firstly, we must implore you to wear sunscreen every single day! SPF is especially important while at the beach, as the sand and water reflect more sunlight, and so the potential to burn is much higher. Also, don't forget to reapply your sunscreen after every time you go into the water! If your skin is feeling raw and is peeling, we recommend the protective cocoon of Valmont Prime Regenera II. This rich cream contains beeswax and Barago oil, along with Valmont's proprietary blend of actives, all designed to repair the skin's hydrolipidic film and richly nourish dehydrated skin. This cream is a miracle worker!

2. For when you keep forgetting to wear your sunglasses outside, and now your eyes are tired: La Colline Cellular Vital Eye Mask 

La Colline Cellular Vital Eye Mask We're totally guilty of often forgetting to wear sunglasses while running errands during the day, but they're a crucial part of one's summer wardrobe! Sunglasses protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the harm of sunlight.  For those moments when the skin around your eyes feels crepey and dry, try the La Colline Cellular Vital Eye Mask. This cream mask contains rosewater and mallow root, amongst other ingredients, designed to relax, soften, and plump dry under eye skin. Apply a layer under the eyes, leave on about five minutes, and wipe off - voila, you look as if you've never missed a day of sleep in your life!

3. For when all of this evil heat and humidity has caused your skin to break out: JK7 Detox Mask - Rose & Calendula 

JK7 Detox Mask - Rose & Calendula One of the sad realities of summer is that sweat happens. One of the other sad realities of summer (on the East Coast, at least!) is that humidity also happens. Sweat combined with general air pollution is a winning combination for causing breakouts, but all of the typical acne-fighting ingredients (AHAs and BHAs) cause photosensitivity (meaning, that your skin is more prone to burn if you're not careful with your sunscreen usage!). Thankfully, JK7, an uber-luxe, organic skincare line, has come up with a gentle yet effective treatment. Their Detox Mask uses zeolite healing earth to draw impurities out of the skin; chamomile and calendula to cleanse and detoxify; and mushroom extract to improve skin tone and texture. This mask can be used as a spot treatment for breakouts, or all over the face to renew the skin in only a few minutes!

4. For when your office air conditioning is too effective, and now your face feels chapped: MILEO New York Maroc d'Azur Elixir Oud 

MILEO New York Maroc d'Azur Elixir Oud It seems bizarre to complain about air conditioning during the summer, but sometimes, all of that cold air is a blessing and a curse. We won't get into how hard it is to dress for what's essentially two different climates - that's a whole other conversation! - but we can address what all of this cold, dry air does to the skin. Moisturizing in the summer can be difficult, as heavier creams can cause clogged pores and breakouts. We recommend lighter facial oils, and the MILEO New York Maroc d'Azur is a perfect one. This beautifully-scented, all-natural oil contains Moroccan blue tansy and squalene to comfort and nourish the skin, and all you need are 2-3 drops pressed into the skin. We also recommend treating yourself to a short facial massage after application, using either your fingertips or a chilled jade roller!

5. For when you've forgotten about the rest of your body, and your arms and legs are screaming at you: JK7 Body Moisturizing Oil - Orange and Sweet Almond 

JK7 Body Moisturizing Oil - Orange and Sweet Almond Sometimes, it's really easy to forget about the rest of your skin when you spend so much time focusing on your face! Unfortunately, summer calls for less clothing, and scaly, flaky arms and legs are much more noticeable. During the summer months, we love a good body oil: not only do we find that they sink into skin faster than creams, the sheen and glow they leave behind emphasize your limbs - perfect for showing off your (safely acquired!) tan and cute summer outfits. JK7's Body Moisturizing Oil hydrates the skin naturally, leaving behind a soft citrus scent and beautiful skin!



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