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Combating dry scalp and hair with TOUCHÉ by Flavien

Touché by Flavien   FLAVIEN ABBAS Celebrity hairdresser extraordinaire Flavien Abbas is a rare commodity.  Catering for international show biz, royalty and business clients, he has a remarkable talent with...

Touché by Flavien



Celebrity hairdresser extraordinaire Flavien Abbas is a rare commodity.  Catering for international show biz, royalty and business clients, he has a remarkable talent with scissors and styling, plus a great vision for product innovation. His first creation is an exceptional range of luxury hair care products that genuinely make the most of his famous clients’ hair. Touché by Flavien, is a clever combination of the purest, most coveted, natural ingredients, given a sophisticated and sexy twist. This range of twelve superb scalp  and hair products of the finest quality is unique in the way it combines natural ingredients, including the rare and costly prickly pear oil, and by approaching hair care by scalp type rather than hair type.

 Now that you got to know a bit about Flavien we can not recommend his products enough. No matter if your hair or scalp is dry, oily or normal. There is a solution.

 Lets first start with itchy dry scalp and hair. We recommend using the our best selling item, the Hair And Skin Serum. At the heart of the formula is the hero Touché by Flavien ingredient, prickly pear oil. The benefits of prickly pear oil are numerous: Containing double the amount of fatty acids, fiber and protein than argon oil and extremely rich in natural vitamin E, this valuable ingredient is a natural anti-oxidant, has cell rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties and has a high moisture content. Other precious oils included are: Neem oil, an outstanding anti-oxidant which works on several levels. For the scalp it helps prevent dryness and itchiness, for the hair it improves strength, adds silkiness and sheen, averts premature greying and helps reduce some types of hair loss. For the skin it soothes and calms redness and irritation and helps improve conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It also is a wonderful ingredient to strengthen nails and soften cuticles. Amla oil (also know as Indian gooseberry) is an anti-inflammatory widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Containing a wealth of health-giving fatty acids and rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, it is intensely nourishing. Sesame oil is highly concentrated in polyunsaturated fats and with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it is an incredibly healing oil. Ginger oil acts as a stimulant to promote hair growth, as a tonic to soothe irritated scalps and as a conditioner to improve dull looking hair. Restorative vitamin E oil conditions hair and skin, increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. 

 For the actual hair we now recommend infusing moisture using the Intensive Nourishing Treatment Deep Treatment.All the core ingredients of the conditioners – prickly pear oil, argan oil, sesame seed oil, wheat protein – are present in the Intensive Nourishing Treatment. In addition, it contains goji berry extract for its protective action as an anti-aging antioxidant; olea europaea fruit oil which has hydrating and healing properties; hydrolyzed silk protein for improved hair resiliency and balance; rosemary oil to help stimulate hair growth. Finally, shea butter, with anti-ageing and regenerative properties, revitalises lacklustre and unhappy hair and helps it retain moisture, gloss and shine.

 To maintain all the hydration in the hair and scalp daily we recommend washing your hair with Dry Scalp Shampoo. Active ingredients include: prickly pear oil for its unparalleled healing and antioxidant properties. Argon oil, renowned for its anti-ageing and restorative qualities, adds sheen and elasticity. Sesame oil, used extensively in Ayurvedic treatments, is vitamin rich; aloe vera is soothing to the scalp; anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, is a marvelous anti-inflammatory. 

 Lastly to infuse daily moisture in hair condition daily with Moisturising Repair Conditioner.

Full of nourishing, hydrating and moisture-enhancing properties for dry, over styled/treated or simply frazzled hair. Contains prickly pear oil, a high-moisture natural antioxidant with cell rejuvenating qualities; argan oil to banish frizz and improve elasticity; aloe vera for its soothing virtues. Sesame seed oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats and vitamins; wheat protein increases the hair’s receptiveness to moisture absorption; anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, is an anti-inflammatory, calms and smoothes the hair. 

In addition for wild and unruly hair, hair that is too 'big' or too dry, and hair that has been over-processed by chemicals and/or the environment. 

           The Prickly Pear Leave-in Conditioner is great at calming, nourishing and controls curls, fights frizz and tames difficult and unmanageable hair. In addition it seals cuticles, helps detangle and prevents static.This versatile product makes hair styling easier and is also excellent for conditioning hair whilst in the sun, sea or swimming pool. Principal ingredients include: prickly pear for its high moisture content and cell rejuvenating antioxidant properties, argan oil, which banishes frizzy hair and improves elasticity and hydrolysed keratin to balance and retain moisture. Its sophisticated jasmine fragrance is both calming and soothing.

Until Next Time XOXO, Osswald NYC




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