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Osswald NYC Introduces Ramón Béjar

The Brand: Ramón Béjar is above all a philosophy, a new way to understand perfumery where the most sophisticated essences and plants of our planet, resulting in unique and exquisite...

The Brand:

Ramón Béjar is above all a philosophy, a new way to understand perfumery where the most sophisticated essences and plants of our planet, resulting in unique and exquisite collection of perfumes with limited and numbered editions.

 Combination between naturalness and sophistication, a new way to understand and feel the perfumes in a unique way.

 All of Ramón Béjar fragrances are med with the oversized best natural essences of our planet that make each piece a unique and selective artwork of high perfumery.

 A new concept standing in between perfume, art piece; our brand is the result of the devotion and refine skills required to produce extreme quality, exquisiteness and sophistication. A touch of adoration for supreme beauty that turns each fragrance into an authentic object of power.

Ramón Béjar, one of the best perfumers in the world and creator of internationally acclaimed niche fragrances that raised him as the main conciliator between Eastern and Western perfumery.

Ramón Béjar offers you his finest selection of perfumes, extreme and exclusive, extracted from the noblest natural materials in the world.


The Perfumer:

Besides being a perfumer, artist and dreamer, Ramón Béjar stands out for his great sensitivity, taste and intuition; qualities that lead him to create otherwise unimaginable combinations of scents able to incite the most extraordinary sensations.

Since he discovered his passion for perfume under the wing of an oriental master who taught him the secrets of this tradition, he has been dedicated to the art of perfumery, leaving in his wake the creation of some fragrances that transcend the boundaries of history for their delicacy.

 Ramón Béjar, a strong believer in his work as a perfumer, follows his vocation of creating what he calls “Olfactory Experiences for the Soul”, fragrances that stand in between jewelry and art pieces, only for those who dare to wear his unique seal of identity and experience the power, spirituality and mysticism transmitted by his perfumes.

The Fragrance:

Its name defines it. The celestial essence and all the mysticism of the best roses in the world with hints of bourbon geranium and davana. The result is one of the most precious and elegant perfumes based on the spiritual matrix and energy of this powerful flower.


Head Notes: Davana Oil, Bergamot Oil.

Heart Notes: Rose Oil Turkish, Geranium Egypt Oil, Peach.

Base Notes: Rose Absolute Turkish, Musk, Amber.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

A classic at its best. Ambrette seed and styrax. Harmoniously combined natural materials that make this traditional perfume a totally new olfactory experience.


Head Notes: Ambrette Seed Oil, Elemi Oil.

Heart Notes: Violet, Styrax Oil.

Base Notes: Amber gris, Labdanum absolute, Benzoin resinoid.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

A combination of white musks of the highest quality with absolutely natural hints of osmathus.Tender, extremely sensual and very elegant, this is one of the most magical and spiritual fragrances.


Head Notes: Bergamot Oil.

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Peach tones, Osmanthus absolute.

Base Notes: Musk, Animalic notes, Amber.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

 The experience of a sunset in a jasmine garden on the banks of the Nile. All the mystery and mysticism of natural with secret hints of perfume.


Head Notes: Bergamot Oil, Blackcurrant, Chamomile Oil.

Heart Notes: Jasmine Egypt Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Rose.

Base Notes: Tiare absolute, Vanilla, Musk.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

 Florence iris. One of the noblest and most luxurious materials in the world gives this perfume a unique fragrance, suitable for the elite only. Dry, deep, majestic fragrance.
Head Notes: Iris concrete, Bergamot Oil.
Heart Notes: Violet, White jasmine, Ylang ylang Oil.

Base Notes: Vetiver Haiti Oil, Sweet notes, Musk.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml


Myrrh, frankincense, benzoin, olibanum and sandalwood. The most sacred natural materials in the world combined to produce a transcendental experience that will penetrate into the depths of your soul.


Head Notes: Incense Oil.

Heart Notes: Smoked incense oil, Myrrh oil.

Base Notes: Incense Resinoid, Sandalwood Oil, Benzoin resinoid.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

Natural mysore sandalwood and pieces of sublime material that make this essence a true initiation into the hidden secrets of the East.


Head Notes: Bergamot oil.

Heart Notes: Tiare Absolute, Ylang ylang Oil.

Base Notes: Sandalwood Oil, Vanilla, Musk.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml

The ancient emperors of Japan, the royal houses of the Arabian Peninsula. Possibly the most precious and little known perfume ingredient in the world, extracted from unique trees of Southeast Asia. With the mysterious seal of our perfumer.


Head Notes: Nutmeg Oil, Bergamot oil.

Heart Notes: Tonka absolute.

Base Notes: Oud oil, Vetiver haiti Oil, Patchouli Oil, Musk.

Eau de parfum · 75 ml


-All eight Eau de parfums are available exclusively at Osswald NYC. Please call 212-625-3111 to experience the word of Ramón Béjar and reserve yours!






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