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    About evoking memories, sharing experiences and transmitting emotions.

    Carner Barcelona is a perfume house founded in 2009 by Sara Carner. Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara Carner has infused Carner Barcelona with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.      MORE »

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    Valmont pop-up treatment room

    Valmont, the luxury Swiss skincare house, will operate an exclusive Pop-Up Spa at Osswald during one week (DATE IS TBC but should be confirmed before Friday evening).

    Spa guests can expect spectacular red-carpet-ready results exuding radiance and firmness with deep moisturizing benefits. Complementary (30 min) personalized Vitality of the Glaciers facial will be offered (T&C tbc). Make sure to book your appointment call us 212-625-3111.

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    HUMIECKI and GRAEF Perfume

    Cubism in a bottle

    Individual fragrance concepts inspired by atypical, emotionally evocative motifs such as madness, melancholy and fury, translated into select scent. HUMIECKI & GRAEF: eight singular fragrances, each a unique artwork.      MORE »

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     Swiss Quality Skincare sold exclusively in the U.S. at Osswald

    Founded at the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alpeor proudly asserts its origins and values with high-tech formulas incorporating exclusive botanical complexes. Given its scientific use of rare Alpine plants, the name Alpeor is synonymous with "GOLD FROM THE ALPS".      MORE »

Francis Kurkdjian
His fragrances tell stories written by life itself, in the form of fragrances.
Cell Premium
Protecting elements are the secret of this Swiss anti-aging line.
Ginger Lotus
His fragrances tell stories written by life itself, stories from home.