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Sample of Santal Pondicherry


(2ml eau de parfum)

Tree-lined and cool avenues, markets swarming with life. Scents of spices, fruit and flowers, the church of the Sacred Heart and the temple of Ganesh. Colonial villas, houses with porticoes in mellow colours. Rickshaws and cows. Small restaurants and market stalls. Pain au chocolat, aromatic teas. Beaches, baguettes, elephants. Sun and shade. Ville Blanche, Ville Noire. Tamil and Mediterranean. As relaxing as an afternoon spent in the patio of the old city. As sensual as the aroma of sandalwood, special and unforgettable, that rises from the moss-covered homes, penetrates clothes and envelops the body. The fresh opening of citrus notes, accompanied by mystical incense which is released from the Manakula Vinayagar temple, dedicated to Ganesh, and from the ashram of Sri Aurobindo, leads to the spicy heart of the composition. Saffron and pungent cardamom from Goubert Market, which slide into the base to merge with a creamy sandalwood. A complex union exalted by sumptuous and inebriating woods which creates pure and soft glamour. A mysterious and mossy spirit. An enveloping fragrance, which features in pride of place local natural essences of a superior quality, to bring back the colours and the enveloping smells of the former French colony.

Top notes: citrus, cedar, frankincense
Heart notes: saffron, cardamom
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, amber, cedar 

Choose Size: Sample - 2ml Vial
Choose Size: Sample - 2ml Vial

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