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M. Micallef

Sample of Jadu Special Edition for Osswald


(2ml Eau de Parfum natural spray)

Jadu Special Edition is an exclusive fragrance to Osswald NYC. It comes in a piano lacquered coffret with a satin lining. The fragrance is a celebration of masculine perfumery. A fresh and elegant start with bergamot and grapefruit with a modern twist of minty geranium soon leaves place for a masculine heart of vetiver and cedarwood. The addition of pepper makes Jadu a bold statement of masculinity toned down by a finish with soft balsamic benzoin.

  • Top note: bergamot, grapefruit, geranium
  • Heart notes: vetiver, cedarwood, pepper
  • Base notes: benzoin

Composed by Geoffrey Nejman and Jean Claude Astier

Title: Sample - 2ml vial
Title: Sample - 2ml vial

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