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Sample of Chypre Palatin

(2ml eau de parfum natural spray)
Chypre Palatin is the story of a "coup de foudre" for a few notes handed by Bertrand Duchaufour during a visit to his lab in Fall 2011. A small blotter with a few drops of what was then described as "an idea in development"... Since that moment these notes never left our mind: we could not let this one go by, there was here something so special, so right, so original... 
  • Head notes: hyacinth, clementine, aldehydes, cistus essence, galbanum essence, thyme, lavender 
  • Heart notes: rose, jasmin, iris concrète, prune, gardenia  
  • Base notes: benjamin, styrax, leather, vanilla, tolu, castoreum, costus, oakmoss, everlasting absolute 

"Chypre" is the french for the island of Cyprus. In Greek mythology, Cyprus is the home of Aphrodites godess of love and beauty. Obsessed by her own figure, one day, she decided to wipe out of the island all the flowers. This story inspired François Coty to create in 1914 le Chypre, a composition for women with no flowers. This ground breaking fragrance gave the name to a whole new family of scents.

Chypre Palatin is a revival of green leathery chyprés with no compromise or nostalgia.
Bertrand Duchaufour is the perfumer in residence at l'Artisan Parfumeur since 2008. He created numerous success for mainstream brands and is recognized for his uncompromising style.
Title: Sample - 2ml vial
Title: Sample - 2ml vial

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