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Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Sample of 777 - Oumma


A mastery of contrasts at the service of agarwood, it is a perfume of communion, a link with your deeper self.  


Egyptian  jasmine,  Moroccan  rose

Peruvian  balsam,  balsam  tolu

Ashes  of  cade,  burmese  oud,  nagarmotha  

Stéphane  Humbert  Lucas, synesthesic perfumer, ventures into a new form of expression in a high-end perfume.The creation relies on the purity of the elements, their refinement a product of constant observation of what is perceptible.
Fond of slogans and keywords, Stéphane Humbert Lucas makes them sharper. His perpetual quest of the absolute has led him to search for the symbol, the  banner, the crest.

Choose Size: Sample - 2ml vial
Choose Size: Sample - 2ml vial

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