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Diana Broussard

Diana Broussard Soap By Detaille Paris


(3 x 60gr / 3 x 2.12 oz Box of 3 soaps pure vegetal delicately perfumed)


At the beginning of the XXe century, the Maison de Parfum Detaille was founded by the Countess de Presle, one of the first women to buy a premier automobile. Her modernity, the risk taking nature of her spirit, and her great affinity for beautiful scents, are the traits that Diana Broussard wants to portray in her first signature scent. 

The scent Is delicately woody. It's heart is built around saffron and Moroccan cedar. Faceted by an accord of oud, bergamot and cistus, and lying on a bed of tobacco, oud, cedar, and patchouli. 

A fragrance that is sophisticated, elegant, toujours chic, and a touch risky. 

  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Cistus
  • HEART NOTES: Saffron, Atlas Cedar
  • BASE NOTES: Tobacco, Oud, Cedar, Patchouli 

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