Clarifying Touch


( 3.2 ml /.1 oz )


Precision, potency and targeted effectiveness

Precision glow touch-up

With just a click, this brush lets you precisely apply a complex of ingredients specially designed to gradually reduce the imperfections that create unevenness in the skin.

Active Ingredients: Zinc DNA: Brightens and soothes the skin, Anti-aging
Hexylresorcinol: reduces melanin production (anti-tyrosinase action)
Niacinamide: limits melanin transfer
Glycolic Acid acid: brings about uniform skin pigmentation and refines the skin's texture.

Valmont is the specialist in skin care from Switzerland, exploring the physiological aging of skin and its consequences since 1905. A combination of active molecules, premium plant extracts and pure alpine glacier water from the Swiss canton of Valais define the youth of our skin in a new dimension. Impressive new product developments underline the Valmont brand's competence in skin care.


Title: Clariying Touch
Title: Clariying Touch

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