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M. Micallef

Baby's Collection


(Eau de Parfum 3 x 30ml)

Baby’s Collection IS offered in three alcohol-free water: Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, Petite Fleur. Martine imagined a child’s imaginary world and designed a refined packaging. Bottles will be accompanied by its little rabbit plush named Harry. Products could be personalized for a sweet, seductive and original gift of birth.

Tendre Douceur - a fragrance with gourmet and cuddly notes of cherry and candy apple will appeal to toddlers.
Petit Coeur - a fresh and pure fragrance associating lemon, mint and bergamot notes will wrap delicately the toddler’s skin.
Petite Fleur - a tender and silky fragrance which will open baby’s senses by making them discover irresistible notes of orange blossom delicately.

Each perfume from 3x30ml Baby's Collection is spray, scented water alcohol free.

Nose: Geoffrey Nejman

Why stick to one fragrance when there are so many to pick from? M. Micallef Baby's Collection unisex fragrance gift set is a perfect way to test several perfumes at once. Alternate the fragrances according to your mood or the occasion and enjoy the variety this set offers.


  • unique opportunity to test multiple fragrances by a popular brand
  • contains fragrance miniatures
  • unisex – suitable for both women and men


Choose Size: 3 x 30ml
Choose Size: 3 x 30ml

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