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72 Color Eye Shadow Book


 72 Colors: 3 pages of matte/shimmer/glitter eyeshadow, with UV glow shades

  • PERFECTLY MATCHED 3-IN-1 COLOR COMBINATIONS This palette features the first-ever 3-IN-1 "triochrome" — basis nude shade , PIGMENTED colorful , glitter (some shades glow in the dark). This has rich colors: bright, nude, matte, metallic, glitter, purple-toned, red-toned and comes with 72 matte and shimmery ,glitter shades that are perfect for doing both casual, everyday looks and bolder or creative makeup. 
  • FULL PIGMENT AND ZERO FALLOUT: The eyeshadow lasts all day and fits nicely with almost all skin tones.  The highly pigmented matte eye shadows for their smooth application and staying power. They are not chalky like many matte shadows.
  • MAGIC GLITTER COLOR-GLOW IN DARK: The way the glitter powders are pressed make them intensely pigmented yet easy to blend. This eyeshadow palette comes with the unique addition colors , a shade that looks ordinary glitter color in its pan but transforms into a duo chrome glitter hue once applied. What's more: 11 Glitter colors glow in dark under uv light.
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