Veronique Gabai Fragrances

Veronique Gabai Fragrances

"There is a place in the world and my heart, where I was born.
A place of discovery, wonder and grace.
A place made of hedonism and humanism.
A place where the sun is like gold.
A place where Nature is stunning, with its shades of blue,
its trees like black lines across the sky, its flowers like bursts of brightness.
A place of overload of sensations, colors and scents, of breathtaking landscapes that take you by surprise and leave you forever changed.
A place where the light is so intense, it inspires artists of all horizons.
A place with a touch of luxurious sophistication, effortless elegance and seductive sensuality.
A place like no other.
Côte d'Azur is made of this. A lifestyle anchored in an uncommon balance of Nature,
Culture and Glamour. A French exception.
No wonder why it attracts so many into its realm. No wonder why I cannot take it out
of my mind and of my heart.
My creations are all inspired by the gorgeous places, the precious flowers and plants growing right there in the magical backyards of my childhood.
My brand is like a home, a home in the Côte d'Azur, that echoes the blue hues of the sky and the sea, the shimmer of the sun, the clarity of the light…
Wide open to welcome you in.
And it will make every effort to add beauty to everyday life, the kind of beauty that enchants the senses and lifts up the soul
Sunshine for the senses and for the soul…This is the promise of my brand." - Veronique Gabai

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