Naso Di Raza

Naso Di Raza

A concentrate of pure Italian passion
Naso di Raza, Italian house of designer perfumes, was born in 2014 driven by the thunderous passion for fragrances, looking for a new language capable of describing all the emotional nuances and the persuasive force of the olfactory world.
 The evocative collection of eight eaux de parfum (White, Fin du passè, Cyranò, Aqua Maris, Ask Me No More, La Chaise Vide) was conceived as a joyful competition  the Spanish Raza translated into Italian means game, race – and the desire to capture in fragrant cocktails the sensations hidden between the pages of a book, in the veins of a painting, in the poetic reflections of a traveler.
 The brand, with an all-Italian artistic temperament and excellent quality craftsmanship French, has put back into play once again with four new fragrances – Ravi, Giuseppe, Cher Têtu, Mozzafiato – conceived by the compositional talent of Luca Maffei and Cecile Zarokian, Nasi highly esteemed internationally. Ravi, Giuseppe, Cher Têtu and Mozzafiato were among the most appreciated novelties of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2017. 
In composing their liquid prodigy, the two creatives were given full freedom of expression: the the result is the overcoming of the classic concept of perfume to enter into a kaleidoscopic universe in which the gentle feminine imprint of Cecile Zarokian is felt and the masculine accent of Luca Maffei, who have shaped the raw materials following the lines bright of their imagination.

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