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Tanja Dreiding Wallace gives us tips on how to turn heads this fall

Founder of Osswald NYC Tanja Dreiding Wallace shares her must haves to get noticed this fall. Shop the fall essentials that are sure to turn heads this season.   As...

Founder of Osswald NYC Tanja Dreiding Wallace shares her must haves to get noticed this fall. Shop the fall essentials that are sure to turn heads this season.


As fall cools things down, Tanja Dreiding Wallace shares tips on how to heat things up for fall. From tips, tricks and picks that are sure to turn heads and grab attention whether it be from signature scents, beauty tips or skincare to keep you fresh and at the height of your personal game! Here, the O LIST APPROVED products that are what we consider essentials for this fall.


Profumum Roma Freccia 1921

Profumum Roma Freccia 1921

 This scent is very close to my heart, I was so happy to be able to partner with the ultra lux fragrance house Profumum Roma to recreate the scent from my grandfathers original Arrow Cream. Aside from the sentimental value of this exclusive scent, I have worn this in Paris, Rome, Zurich and the US and have been stopped literally in the streets, cafes and shops. This scent has been turning heads for over 100 years now!

          SHOP FRECCIA 1921 


ATon Roxbury

ATon Roxbury

 I genuinely love this scent. A unisex scent that I am quite particularly fond of on men. Deep dark and mysterious this fragrance actually stopped me in my tracks. What is so impressive with this scent is that the patchouli has been aged for over 24 years. This contributes to the richness of this scent, the dry down is a beautiful almost caramelly and natural that will drive anyone absolutely wild! 




Victor dE Souza Mysterious Skin Lip Stick

Victor dE Souza Stage Freight

 As fall is approaching the weather is getting cooler and dry. The Victor dE Souza lip in Mysterious Skin is my immediate go to for this season. I find myself wearing this almost everyday for the beautiful sheer beige and the ultra hydration. As we move into this season, I prefer to not make obvious dark lip color choices.   




Ethereal Beauty Powder in Edwardian Era

Victor dE Souza Beauty Powder in Edwardian Era

This item is so easy it will make your head turn. I call this my airbrush in a compact. The beauty powder will blur any flaw and make you look hydrated without being shiny. Typically I just place this on my cheeks after foundation or alone and place makeup on after and Viola, Bright, supple, clear skin in a flash! I cant recommend this enough.      



Surfer Girl Hawaii 3-In-1 Cushion Duo

Surfer Girl Hawaii 3-In-1 Cushion Duo

Recently I have learned the importance of a bold brow. This easy compact has two colors to mimic your natural brow. Simply fill in your natural brow with the lighter color and use the deeper color to fill in holes and frame the edges of the brows. This will definitely put focus on your eyes and sharpen your entire look. This also is a great eye shadow base for sultry eyes. 


VALMONT  Clarifying Touch

 Valmont Clarifying Touch

 After care from the summer is so important. That is why our fall selection of skincare is focused on brightening to repair the skin from all the fun in the sun. Valmont's Clarifying Touch is perfect for any spots left behind. Personally I even use this on my body to help lighten and brighten any summer damage from the sun left behind. 




Fusion Mesotherapy Hyaluronic Drops

Fusion Meso Therapy Hyaluronic Drops

  A water-in-oil cream based on Japanese technology. This is the ultimate in hydration this can be used a few different ways. First just use alone for normal skin it dry's down not oily at all but very hydrating. How I love to use this is to warm in my hands and press over my skincare for extra hydration and to plump my skin instantly. Its quick and refreshing and leaves beautiful results.



Hammann Manicure SetHammann Manicure Sets

 This is an essential kit for nails. This is a true standby for me and I keep one by my bedside, one in my bathroom and one in my purse. You never know when you will need a manicure kit. Hamman manicure sets make nail care so easy with everything you need in its place and this has come in handy on more than one occasion. I cant recommend this enough! Choose from three different sizes and may fun colors.




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